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The communication power supply is divided into two types
1. Composed of 30A rectifier 48300A/30 system
2. Composed of 50A rectifier 48600 A/50 system

Main system characteristics
1. The rectifier module adopts active power factor compensation technology, with the power factor value of 0.99.
2. The normal working range of manual system AC input voltage is 85~300Vac. The normal working range of automatic system AC input voltage is 125~285Vac.
3. The rectifier module adopts full soft switch technology, with the rated efficiency reaching over 91%.
4. With ultra-low radiation, the rectifier module adopts advanced electromagnetic compatibility design, and can meet the requirements of domestic and international standards as CE, NEBS, YD/T983, etc. The conduction and radiation of rectifier module can meet the requirement of Class B.
5. The safety design of rectifier module complies with UL, CE, NEBS standards.
6. The module has high power density.
7. The rectifier module adopts nondestructive hot plug technology, plug and play, with the replacement time less than 1min.
8. The rectifier module has output over-voltage hardware protection and output over-voltage software protection, the software over-voltage protection method has two choices: primary over-voltage lockup mode, secondary over-voltage lockup mode.
9. Improved battery management. With battery low voltage protection function and load power down function (optional), can realize temperature compensation, automatic voltage regulation, stepless current limiting, battery capacity calculation, online battery test, etc.
10. 200 alarm records can be recorded; 10 groups of battery test data can be recorded.
11. Network design, provide one RS232 interface, Modem, dry contract, etc., flexible net assembly, can realize remote monitoring, unattended.
12. Improved AC, DC side lightning protection design.
13. Complete failure protection, failure alarm function.

Module functions and characteristics
1. The rectifier module adopts nondestructive hop plug technology, with the output and input having soft start-up unit, when the module is inserted into the system, there will be no system output voltage disturbance. The module replacement time is less than 1 minute.
2. The rectifier module adopts advanced digital current equalization technology, the monitoring module is unnecessary, the automatic current equalization between the rectifier modules can be realized, the imbalance of current equalization is less than ±3%.
3. The rectifier module adopts advanced power limiting control method according to the variation of input voltage and output voltage. The breaking point is in 176V (the return difference is less than 2V). When the input voltage is 176Vac~300Vac, the module can output the maximum power; when the input voltage is 85Vac~176Vac, it can guarantee the maximum load demand and the reliable work of module at low input voltage.
4. Within the working temperature range of -20℃~45℃, under the normal input status, the module can realize normal work and reach the maximum output power of 1700W; the module will realize power limiting output in other temperature ranges.
5. Through the external monitoring module, the current limiting point of rectifier module is adjustable within the range of 42.0V~58.0V, with the step length of 0.1A. Under the rated input condition, the error between the output current limiting point of the rectifier module and monitoring set value within the normal output voltage range (42V~58V) shall not be greater than ±1A.
6. Through the external monitoring module, the output voltage of rectifier module can be continuously adjusted, with the adjusting range of 42V~58V, the adjusting precision of ±0.1V.
7. In the normal work, the rev of fan is increased along with the rising module temperature till the full rev. In the AC over/under voltage, the fan will stop running.
8. The rectifier module has advanced built-in digital signal processor DSP to monitor and control the operation of the whole module, and communicate with external monitoring module through CAN bus, including:
1) Control the on/off of rectifier module through monitoring module, set module output current gradual on function and over-voltage protection reset mode.
2) Regulate the output voltage, over-voltage point, current stepping time, current limiting point of rectifier module through monitoring module.
3) Send input voltage, output voltage, output current, current limiting point, temperature, over-voltage point to the monitoring module;
4) Send on/off status, input protection, internal PFC over/under-voltage protection, over temperature protection, over-voltage off failure, fan failure, temperature power limiting, input power limiting, current imbalance to the monitoring module.
Failure protection
1. Input over/under voltage protection
2. Output over-voltage protection
1) Primary over-voltage lockup mode
2) Secondary over-voltage lockup mode
3. Over temperature protection
4. PEC output over/under voltage protection
5. Fan failure protection
6. Short circuit protection
7. Output current imbalance alarm
8. Background communication interruption alarm

Technical parameters


Parameter name



Working temperature


Storage temperature


Relative humidity

ag真人平台有哪些≤90%RH, no condensation


-200m~1800m. Reduce the value in the place with the altitude of over 2000m

Cooling method

ag真人平台有哪些Forced air cooling

AC input

Input voltage system

Single-phase and three-wire system

Input voltage range


Rated input voltage


ag真人平台有哪些Rated input current

<9A@1700W、<16A@2900 W

Input impulse current

≤0.6 Ie

ag真人平台有哪些Allowable input grid frequency


DC ouput

ag真人平台有哪些Output DC voltage range


Output DC current


ag真人平台有哪些Voltage stabilizing precision


ag真人平台有哪些Load regulation


ag真人平台有哪些Voltage regualtion


ag真人平台有哪些Start-up impulse current

≤0.6 Ie

ag真人平台有哪些Output current limiting characteristics

ag真人平台有哪些Stepless current limiting, current limiting point 0A~35.4A(can be adjusted through monitoring unit), current limiting precision≤±1A(42V~58V)

Power factor

>0.99 @100% rated output power


<5% @50%~100% rated output power

ag真人平台有哪些Protection characteristics

Overcurrent protection

Input/output overcurrent protection(adopting fuse). Short circuit protection

Over/under voltage protection

ag真人平台有哪些Input under-voltage protection point: 80±5V, return difference≥15Vac

ag真人平台有哪些Input over-voltage protection point:305V±5V, return difference≥10Vac

Output over-voltage hardware protection point: 59.0V±0.5V

ag真人平台有哪些Output over-voltage software protection point: 56V~59V(adjustable through monitoring module)

ag真人平台有哪些Over temperature protection

85℃, 50% output power limiting, temperature return difference 10℃;
ag真人平台有哪些 90℃, module shutdown, temperature return difference 10℃





≥12 years


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