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The Mission of Coslight’s After-sale Service
  On the principle of customer first, sincerity, dedication and striving for excellence, the company shall guarantee a highly reliable power protection for customers.
The Present Situation of Coslight’s After-sales Service
  In the heart of customers, Coslight’s after-sale service system and the service satisfaction are the best. The good service is an important competitive advantage for Coslight power.
1)Service Quality and Attitude—Best and Speedy
  To strengthen the service before sales, in the sales and after sales and put the service concept throughout the whole process of order, production, quality control, installation, debugging and operation.
  After receiving the feedback of quality problem from the customers, the company will make reply in the first time or dispatch service staff to the spot as soon as possible. The technical service would never be stopped until the customers are satisfied. In order to ensure and consistently improve customer satisfaction, we have established a customer-oriented service model and customer relationship management mechanisms. The establishment and consistent improvement of service quality guarantee and operational systems enable to indefinitely increase Coslight Power’s brand reputation and customer loyalty.
  Every year, the company would regularly send the staff to users’ habitations to make operational inspection and repair twice and record the data for archiving.
  To meet the users’ requirement on spare parts at any time
2) Service Channels:
2.1Agencies with Service Ability
  In order to better guarantee the normal operation of the equipment, explain and help solve customer’s queries on time, the company relies on Coslight International Group’s 27 agencies all over the country to take charge of the maintenance, technical support and other work for local users. All the after-sale service staff have college or above educational background and rich experience in equipment maintenance. They are preparing to provide the best service for the users at any time.
  Customer Service Center provides 24-hour technical service to ensure a pre-settlement for customers’ complaints within 8 hours after the receipt of the complaints and a solution in the agreed period.
   Free upgrade for the conventional software version

2.2The Status of Warehouses for Spare Parts
  The company has set up warehouses for spare parts in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shenyang, Shanghai, Chengdu, Hefei, Xi’an, Beijing, Nanjing and Wuhan, etc. The stock is sufficient and enables to meet the requirement of equipment maintenance and operation at any moment.
3)Warranty Period
  The warranty period for conventional DC power supply is one year with a life long maintenance. If the user requires special quality guarantee, other stipulated warranty period may be made after mutual agreement.
4) Instruction for Site Installation and Debugging
  The aim of our site service staff is to make sure the provided equipment could be safely and soundly put into operation. Therefore, we would dispatch the qualified service staff to the worksite.
The following qualifications are required for our site service staff:
a. To comply with the laws and abide by every stipulations and rules on the worksite.
b. To have strong sense of responsibility and professionalism and to be timely.
c. To be familiar with the design process and structures of equipment and have the same or similar on site working experience. Be able to give correct on-site instructions.
d. Be healthy and flexible with site working condition.

5 ) User Training
  Before installation, the technicians will take responsibility to indoctrinate technical training to the users so that they could understand the equipment features and maintenance knowledge and improve the equipment’s using life as well as make sure the equipment run stably for a long term.
   After many years’ experience accumulation in user training, currently, the company has formed a perfect and effective training system, that is a training team with high professional technicians and a user training center with beautiful environment and perfect facilities.
   Ever since, Coslight Company has attached great importance to user training. In the splendid city, Harbin, the company founded Coslight users training center with the first class teaching and living facilities. Each day, the center has to receive the Coslight users from across the country. Up to now, it has trained a large number of technical personnel for over 1,000 units. Throughout the training, the company and the users are getting better understanding and further communications with each other. Meanwhile, the company listens to the customers and becomes more familiar with their needs so that we could further improve the product quality and provide better service for the customers.

After-sale Service Contact:
Tel: 0451-51686600-7311       13804532691(Special line for after-sale service)



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