GY-IPS Lithium Battery Energy Storage Power System

Brief Introduction

ag真人平台有哪些GY-IPS (Lithium Battery Energy Storage Power System) is high-tech product , which is developed independently by COSLIGHT. The product consists of lithium battery, high frequency AC/DC switching power, wine wave DC/AC inverter power and management unit. The management unit can monitor lithium battery, AC/DC switching power, DC/AC inverter power simultaneously, which can make optimal electricity use strategies according to customer load and power grid condition. Thereby, the product provides a kind of economical, high-efficiency, energy-saving service for every family unit, and makes economic benefit and social public benefit of customers maximized.

High Frequency AC/DC Switching Power

ag真人平台有哪些High reliability

ag真人平台有哪些High-power density

ag真人平台有哪些High efficiency

Rapid capacity Expansion and hot plug

Digital control

Wine Wave DC/AC Inverter Power

Advanced IGBT module, high reliability.

ag真人平台有哪些Various intelligent control function based on the technology of DSP Digital control.

Perfect protection function, which makes system more reliable.

ag真人平台有哪些Equip with output isolation transformer.

Characteristics of Lithium Battery

Small in volume and light in weight, reduce 40-50% in size(compared with LA Battery).

ag真人平台有哪些The cycle life is more than 4000 cycles @ 25℃, 80%DOD, and battery lifetime is about 10years with one cycle per day.

Excellent high temperature performance , and air condition is unnecessary when the ambient temperature is less than +38℃, which can save energy.

Non-pollution, safe and reliable.

System Management Unit

ag真人平台有哪些Excellent power management control strategy

Unique battery management technology , having warning and protection function to over-charging, over-discharging, over-current , high temperature and short circuit of battery, also optimizing and managing the battery.

Advanced control, protection and management technology to charging and inverting-inversion .

RS232\RS485\CAN communication interface, which can realize monitoring and networking to system.

ag真人平台有哪些Nice appearance, perfect function, and friendly man-machine interface 。

System and Parameters GY-IPS03 GY-IPS05
Mechanical Characteristics
Width[mm]×Height[mm]×Depth[mm] 600×800×600 600×120×600
Weight (kg) 70 135
AC/DC Charging Power Supplied
Specification GY-DUM4830 GY-DUM4850
 Rated Power 1.5KW 3KW
Rated Charging Current 30A 50A
Output Voltage Range 38V-54V
DC/AC Inverter Power Supplied
Specification GY-IS48-3 GYIS48-5
Inverter Power 3KW 5KW
DC Voltage Range 40-57VDC
Lithium Battery
Rated Voltage 48V
Rated Capacity [C/5] 100Ah 200Ah
Operating Voltage Range(V) 42V-54V
Charging Mode CC/CV
Management Unit
Specification GYSU48BSB
Communication Data Realize RS232、RS485、CAN communication
Operating Conditions
Operating Temperature General Equipments:-20℃ ~ +50℃
Battery:Charging:+3℃—+50℃ Discharging:-20℃—+55℃
Storage Temperature and Time Battery: 1 year @ 20℃, 6 months @ 30℃,  3 months @ 40℃
EMC EN 61000 Chapter 4.2,4.3,4.5,4.6/EN55022
Safety Certification  CE compliant,designed as GR1089 and GR63
Safety Standards IEC60950/UL1642/UL2054
IP Grade IP20

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