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I.High frequency switch DC power supply system diagram

II. Scope of application:
  With the advantages as high integration degree, high reliability, high intelligent degree and good human-machine interface, etc., the intelligent high-frequency switch electric operation power supply system produced by Harbin Coslight Power Co., Ltd. is widely applied in the medium-sized and small power plants, hydropower stations, transformer substations in the electric power system, as well as other users that use DC equipments (such as petrochemical, mining, railway, etc.), and is applicable for switch on-off and instruments, meters, relay protection and failure lighting in the secondary circuit.

III.System characteristics
1. Highly intelligent product
1.1 The system adopts decentralized control system, modularized structure, simple screen and flexible configuration;
1.2 8 communication ports can be connected with various external intelligent equipments;
1.3 With communication port self-detection function, consulting the communication port data at any time, convenient for finding problem on the site.
1.4 Extendable branch collection system, the branch status in any place can be collected without being limited by the position of the screen.
1.5 The monitoring module adopts large-size Chinese characters LCD, and the parameters of each part of the system can be set through the monitoring module.
1.6 The module has the functions of smoothly adjusting the output voltage and output current, and the function of battery charging temperature compensation.
1.7 With the functions of “remote sensing, remote control, remote signaling, remote regulating”, realizing UA.
1.8 Automatic battery management and protection, real-time automatic monitoring of the battery terminal voltage, charge and discharge current, intelligent control over average floating charge of the battery, with battery under/over voltage and charge over-current sound and light alarm.
1.9 The computer insulation monitoring can realize multi-parallel operation, the grounding line selection network composed of highly reliable CAN communication interface avoids the system breakdown caused by the host computer failure in the operation of one host computer.

2. Highly reliable design
2.1 Adopting the modular design of switching power supply, N +1 hot backup.
2.2 The power module can realize hot plug, the average maintenance time is greatly reduced.
2.3 All the key components of the system adopt high-quality imported famous brand products.
2.4 Choose power bus and control bus according to different schemes, the power module can supply power directly and separately, the hot backup can be realized through dropping equipment.
2.5 The hardware low dropout automatic current sharing technology, the maximum imbalance of the output current between the modules is less than 3%.
2.6 Reliable three-level lightning protection system and electric insulation measure guarantee the safe operation of the system.
2.7 The advanced AC switching function, one circuit priority election, delayed switching between two circuits, guaranteeing the safety and reliability of the switching process.
2.8 The system design adopts international standards as IEC, and can effectively prevent from the inoperative field monitoring system.

IV. System monitoring equipment
4.1 Brief introduction to the device
   ZJK-1 is a high-performance monitoring device developed and produced by Harbin Coslight Power Co., Ltd. in 2005. The device adopts Flash ROM) and MCU that meets the requirement of modern industrial control, with the main plug-in adopting multilayer printed circuit board and surface mount technology; the software design of the device adopts a new system design idea and an open software framework to make resource management, task scheduling, abnormality treatment, etc. in the safe and prior service form under the real-time operating system (RTOS) of microcontroller, with the advantages of unique programming style, being fast, convenient and flexible, and good readability and portability.
4.2 Characteristics
1. The device can provide 8 intelligent communication interfaces that can be freely configured lower intelligent equipments
2. The device can provide 8 pairs of output dry contacts, and the user can freely configure any system alarm output signal;
3. The device can provide 16 pairs of dry contacts to meet the demand of the user on the extension of other quantity of state;
4. The device can provide 8 groups of high voltage collection, 16 groups of low voltage collection, and realize the requirement of one machine with multi-control;
5. The communication port can provide self-detection function to consult the communication condition at any time;
6. 3U standard chassis, back plug structure, aluminum alloy shell structure, better electromagnetic compatibility;
7. Open system configuration menu, freely configuring the system components;
8. Professional battery management function, which makes the battery management more scientific.

4.3 Functions
  The monitoring unit integrates the power module, battery conductance measuring meter, DC system grounding patrol unit through the RS-485 communications port, while providing RS-232 and RS-485 interface with the background large-size LCD to complete the functions as setup, consulting, display, event recording, etc. with the cooperation of buttons on the front board. Obtain various system operation parameters and implement various control operations through sending data collection or various control commands to different modules. The “four remote” functions of power supply system can be well realized through Modbus, CDT91, DNP3.0IEC101 or IEC103 Statute and integrated automation system communication data reporting. The monitoring unit collects various data, working status of the power supply system, and realizes the automatic management on the power supply system and battery charge and discharge through arrangement and analysis.
   The operator can compulsorily open, close, make average floating charge of the power module through keyboard and regulate the current limiting point and output voltage of the power module. The power supply centralized monitoring maintenance background cannot only realize the real-time display of all detailed data, status of current power supply system, but also send various control commands as current limiting, average floating charge voltage regulation, power module opening, closing, etc. on the power supply system.
V. Microcomputer insulation monitoring device
5.1 Device overview
   WZJY-ⅠDC system grounding patrol unit adopts the top-grade 16 digit SCM C167 and Flash ROM core design of Siemens; with the main plug-in adopting multilayer printed circuit board and surface mount technology; the software design of the device adopts a open framework, and adopts safe and prior service method to make resource management, task scheduling, abnormality treatment, etc. under the real-time operating system (CMX_RTOS), with the advantages of fast operation, high reliability, good readability and portability.
   The DC leakage current sensor of the device is sleeved on the output wire of each branch to detect the vector sum of leakage current of positive and negative wires to the ground of the branch without applying any AC signal on the system, so as not to affect the safe and reliable operation of DC system and other equipment; this device is mainly used to detect the leakage current of the wire to the ground, and the capacitance does not have DC leakage current, therefore, theoretically, DC system will not affect the correct detection of this device no matter how large the capacitance to the ground is. The device adopts Chinese menu display in full size screen, 3U standard chassis, back plug-in structure with beautiful and elegant appearance. This device can be directly installed on DC screen as a set of DC system lower detection module with advanced technology, complete functions, convenient installation and debugging and reliable use.
5.2 Characteristics
1. Real-time detection on the bus voltage value and voltage value of positive and negative bus-bar to the ground, when the difference of the voltage value of positive and negative bus-bar to the ground is too large, the grounding resistance detection procedure will be automatically accessed.
2. Timed detection on the insulation resistance value of positive and negative bus-bar to the ground, and output warning signal when this resistance value is too low.
3. With function of manual detection on the leakage current and insulation resistance of each brand to the ground, so that the working staff can eliminate the failure in time.
4. With real-time self-inspection function, which can detect the failure of bus voltage port and CAN communication, etc.
5. The patrol unit can realize single point grounding, multi-point grounding, positive and negative grounding the bus over/under voltage alarming functions; and can find the situation of equal grounding of positive and negative bus-bar in time.
6. With RS-485 or RS-232 serial interface (the ex-factory default is RS-485), realize the data communication with the upper monitoring unit.
7. 3U standard chassis, back plug-in structure, aluminum alloy shell structure, better electromagnetic compatibility;
8. This device has the multi-parallel function, parallel connection adopts CAN communication port and realize connection of same level, so as to avoid the system breakdown caused by the host computer failure in the operation of one host computer.

Technical index
1、Voltage class: DC220V,DC110V。
2、Detection sections: one or two sections.
3、Detection circuits: 0~88 circuits in each section, total 88 circuits in two sections.
4、Operation method: Continuous operation, automatic, manual patrol.
5、Display range of insulation resistance measuring: 0~99K.
6、Measuring display error:
  Insulation resistance: Error ≤ ±5% (when the insulation resistance is 10K~99K);
  Bus voltage: Error ≤ ±0.5% (the rated voltage value is within ±15%)
  Branch leakage current to the ground: Error ≤ ±5% (1.0mA~10.0 mA)

5.3 Functions
5.3.1 Regular monitoring part
Use electric bridge take out the positive voltage to ground and negative voltage to ground of the bus, and send to A/D converter, the LCD will show the voltage value and value of insulation resistance to ground of the bus after being collected and processed by main control unit, when the voltage difference of positive and negative voltage to ground of the bus s too large or the resistance is too low, relevant alarming signal will be sent, the alarm threshold can be set by the user.
5.3.2 Branch patrol part
The DC leakage current sensor is sleeved on the positive and negative wire of each branch, in the normal status, the load current through the sensor is equal in size and opposite in direction, the produced magnetic field is offset, and the secondary side output of the sensor is zero; the secondary site reaction of the sensor is the vector sum of positive and negative pole leakage current to ground, and there is no DC leakage current to the capacitance distribution, therefore, the leakage current reflects the equivalent resistance, the leakage current signal is sent to microcomputer for data processing through A/D converter, and display the branch number of corresponding equivalent insulation resistance in the numeral form.
5.3.3 Multi-machine operation
When the insulation system adopts multi-machine operation, one host computer will be automatically produced in the system for monitoring the branch status of this machine, then other insulation devices work in turn. When there is grounding in the system, it go back to the host computer, and other insulation devices monitor in turn and complete the grounding patrol work after the host computer inspect the branch. This avoids the insulation system breakdown caused by the host computer failure in the operation of one host computer.
VI. Rectifier module
6.1Device overview
   HD220 and HD110 series power module adopts the combined self-cooling and air-cooled method, the self-cooling will be operated at light load, which is in line with the actual operation situation of power system. The device is composed of front-end three-phase input EMI and passive PFC, back-end DC / DC converters, rectifier filtering, output EMI, etc., with input over/under voltage, open phase detection, DC / DC-side output voltage and current detection, radiator temperature detection, control and protection.
6.2 Functions
a) Input over/under voltage protection
When the input voltage is less than 313±10Vac or greater than 485±10Vac, the module will be protected without DC output, the protection LED (yellow) is on. The module will return to work automatically after the voltage is restored to 335±10Vac~460±15Vac.
b) Output over-voltage protection/under-voltage alarm
When the output voltage is greater than 293±6Vdc (148±4Vdc for HD110 series module), the module will be protected without DC output, the protection LED (yellow) will be on. The module cannot be automatically restored, but must be disconnected and reconnected. When the output voltage is less than 198±1Vdc (99±1Vdc for HD110 series module), the module will send alarm signal with DC output, and the protection LED (yellow) will be on. The module output under-voltage alarm will be off after the voltage is restored.
c) Short circuit retraction
When there is short circuit in the module output, the output current shall not be greater than 40% of the rated current. After the short circuit element is eliminated, the module will restore the normal output automatically.
d) Open phase protection
The module will limit the power and output at semi-load when the input has open phase. 5A current will be outputted when the output voltage is 260V.
e) Over temperature protection
The air intake of the module is blocked or the ambient temperature is too high, which result in the temperature inside the module higher than the set value, the module will make over temperature protection, the protection LED (yellow) on the module panel will be on, and there will be no voltage output. When the abnormal condition is eliminated, and the temperature inside the module is restored, the module will automatically return to normal work.
f) Original side over-current protection
If the rectifier side of the module has over current in the abnormal status, the module will be protected. The module will not be automatically restored, it must be disconnected and reconnected.
g) Fan temperature control
The module adopts the temperature and current to control the rotation of fan. The fan rev is divided into stop, half and full, and the fan rev is controlled according to the output current and module temperature.
h) Failure display
The module alarm information will make real-time twinkling display on LED in the form of failure code. The display content on LED will be the failure code, and the voltage will be displayed after the display switching button is pressed.
i) Communication function
The module can be communicated with the upper computer in the form of RS485, send the output voltage and current, module protection and alarm information to the supper computer, accept and execute the control command given by the upper computer.

6.3Technical index
a) Input characteristics  

ag真人平台有哪些Input voltage

ag真人平台有哪些323V~475V ( three-phase and three-wire system )

Input current


AC input frequency




b) Output characteristics








Range of output voltage



Rated output current







ag真人平台有哪些Maximum output current







Voltage rising time

ag真人平台有哪些3~8 s (soft start-up time)

Range of output constant current


Current stabilizing precision

≤±0.5% ( 20% current limiting test )

ag真人平台有哪些Ripple factor of load voltage


Voltage stabilizing precision


ag真人平台有哪些Temperature coefficient(1/℃)


VII.Battery patrol device:
  BTU series online intelligent cell test module is specifically designed for measuring the unit voltage in the battery, and is the ideal battery patrol equipment for battery production, use and management department. It can be widely applied in the battery quality management on the battery production line of battery manufacturer and battery application fields as electric power DC system, telecommunication room and unattended base station, railway locomotive, uninterruptible power supply, etc.

Model specification:

Product model

Detection range


The battery voltage with the unit nominal voltage of 2V can detect 24 batteries.


The battery voltage with the unit nominal voltage of 12V or a group of every 6 2V
batteries can detect 18 batteries.


ag真人平台有哪些The battery voltage with the unit nominal voltage of 2V can detect 54 batteries.


The battery voltage with the unit nominal voltage of 2V can detect 108 batteries.

Device characteristics:



Adopt solid relay, without mechanical contact

Higher reliability

Isolated voltage monitoring

Guarantee the stable and safe system operation

Intelligent design, built-in microprocessor

ag真人平台有哪些More accurate detection

ag真人平台有哪些Automatic measuring range replacement

ag真人平台有哪些Can directly measure the lead-acid cell of different models

Automatically save testing data, the data storage
period in power-off status is 10 years

ag真人平台有哪些Convenient for consulting historical data, completely master the cell health situation

Modularized design

Convenient for engineering installation, maintenance

Standard RS-485 serial interface, can be communicated with computer, and upload the testing result

High portability, unattended

BTU patrol device—technical parameters:
Input range:
Working voltage: Battery voltage
Maximum power consumption: 20W
Measuring range:
Voltage measuring range: unit voltage: 0-15V
Battery: 0-500V
Sampling speed: 1 time/min
Temperature measuring range: -20℃--+80℃
Measuring precision:
Voltage measuring precision: <±0.2%
Temperature measuring precision: <1℃
Time measuring precision: precision <± 1s/h




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