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( V )
Rated discharge The Maximum External Dimension (mm) Weight
1hr Rate 10hr Rate
Final Voltage
Final Voltage
Length Width Container
GFM-200Z 2 110 200 92 178 362 370 14.0
GFM-300Z 2 165 300 134 178 362 370 19.5
GFM-400Z 2 220 400 164 179 362 370 25.5
GFM-500Z 2 275 500 205 179 362 371 31.5
GFM-600Z 2 330 600 234 180 363 371 37.5
GFM-800Z 2 440 800 318 179 369 382 50.5
GFM-1000Z 2 550 1000 417 179 369 379 66.0
GFM-1300Z 2 715 1300 513 182 369 379 82.5
GFM-1600Z 2 880 1600 334 358 371 381 103
GFM-2000Z 2 1100 2000 425 358 371 381 130
GFM-2600Z 2 1430 2600 518 357 371 381 164
GFM-3000Z 2 1650 3000 616 358 371 381 195
GFM-3900Z 2 2145 3900 740 358 371 381 240
Low -voltage floating charge without the need of equalizing Charge:
2.23V/cell·25℃ floating charge at constant voltage, without the need of equalizing charge
Super performance:
1. Ten-hour-rate capacity can be reached 100% for the first cycle
2. One-hour-rate capacity coefficient is 0.55, final voltage is 1.75V
3. Super performance of charge reception
4. Self-discharge less than 3% for 28 days storage period at normal temperature.
1. The pressure of opening and closing valves can be adjusted precisely
2. No changes occur on the pressure of the opening and closing valves even after long-time use
3. The acid filter can prevent liquid leakage and explosion of batteries.
4. The terminals and the connect bars are shielded by top covers to prevent accidental short circuit.
5. The heat sealing structure and resin sealing structure with German resin are reliable.
1. Check the quantity of batteries and accessories according to the packing list in the box after unpacking the batteries. Please contract Post Sales Service Center (contact No. : +86-451-86667868) immediately, if there is a lack of batteries or accessories.
2. Please clean and polish the terminal by brush made of fine steel wires so as to minimize connecting resistance.
All batteries leave the factory with electric charge. Prohibit short circuit, and installed by insulation tools to prevent electric shock during the process of installation.
3. After finishing connection of battery bank, check the total voltage of battery bank and prevent reversing the poles.
4. If connected battery bank is not connected with commercial power, disconnect batteries and power supply immediately, to prevent the batteries from over-discharging seriously or even from totally failing
5. Check the fastening screws for connecting batteries or output terminal to prevent from loose connection resulting in connection voltage over drop or even burning batteries at higher current. The charging equipment has the capacity to limit the current at constant voltage, with regulator precision eaching ±1% when charging.
1. If it exceeds (2.23±0.01)×nv ·25℃, (n refer to the number of cells )the total floating charge voltage should be adjusted or the batteries' life will be adversely affected.
2. The floating charge voltage of single cell should be checked once a month and the records must be kept carefully. If th difference of floating charge voltage of single cell exceeds 0.09V/cell after it is used for six months, please contact the manufacturer.
3. The joint parts should be checked every three months. The loosed connection should be dealt with as soon as possible.
4. The longer service life can be achieved if the batteries are used at the ambient temperature of 20℃~25℃, GFM(Z) series of batteries can operate under the condition of -40℃~50℃.
5. Neither over discharge (discharge voltage lower than final voltage) nor over charge (charge voltage higher than floating charge for a long time)should be allowed. The batteries should be charged immediately after their discharge or the batteries' life will be adversely affected.
6. Time, voltage, current and temperature should be recorded at every discharge.
7. No organic solvent but soap water is permitted to clean the surface of the batteries. The dry cloth easily producing electrostatic should be avoided.
8. If batteries need to be stored, please disconnect batteries with charge equipment and loads. The surrounding should be kept cool, dry and ventilated.


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